Silk Screen Printing Glass

Silk Screen Printing Glass

Colored glaze glass is the inorganic glaze (also known as ink), printed to the surface of the glass, and then after drying, tempering or thermal processing, the glaze permanent sintering on the surface of the glass to get a wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant decorative glass products. This product is highly functional and decorative. It comes in many different colors and patterns, such as strips, mesh and electric patterns. We can also design patterns according to the different needs of customers.

Silk screen glazed glass has a unique texture can not be replaced by other materials, you can put the customer's favorite pattern and shape clear, fidelity printed on the glass, after high temperature baking, acid and alkali resistant, never fade.

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● Contemporary colors-12 different colors are ready for your different options.There are five light shades available,contrasting with four bold colors and one intense black.  

● Resistance- our glass has a special resistance to humidity making it ideal for use in high humidity rooms such as,kitchens and bathroom etc.  

● Glass applied-clear float glass or ultra clear float glass,tempered glass.laminated glass.double glazing glass.  

● Three dimensional paint technology  

● The brilliance of the colors within the range is far superior to glass paints when trying to achieve a stunning affect.

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3 Furniture board

4 Cabinet doors,windows and doors

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