Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is produced by first heating float glass to the softening point in tempered glass production line ,and then cooling the glass rapidly and averagely with high-speeded and high-pressured cold wind.the formation of uniform compressive stress on the surface of tempered glass and internai tensile stress effectively enhance the release of bending and impact.

Glass TypeClear Glass, Tinted Glass, Reflective Glass, On-line Low-e Glass, Low-iron Glass
CraftTempered Glass, Heat Strength Glass, Heat Soaked Glass
ColorBlue, Green, Bronze, Gray,Golden etc.
Max SizeFlat Glass:2440*6000mm Curved Glass:1000x2000mm
Min SizeFlat Glass:300x300mm Curved Glass:300*300mm
CertificatesSGCC & CSI & CE & CCC

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Architecture: Pool fencing glass, door glass, window glass, balcony glass,canopy glass, facade glass,balustrade glass,staircase glass, ect..  

Furniture: table top glass, splashback glass, fireplace glass, counter top,shelves glass, ect..  

Shower room:shower glass, shower enclosures, shower screens, ect..

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